Every child is different! I admire your article. I’m just thinking he may not be physically or mentally ready to be potty trained at night and I should do pull ups help plz!! healthychildren.org. Do you think its too soon to start ? It was my plan to start potty training this summer! While fast, boot camp style plans may offer some helpful tactics and guidance, resist sticking to them too strictly. There are people out there who’ve had the same experiences as we have. lol! I use this method the whole day and it works each time as she wants to use the toilet first. lol. Category. I’m 31 weeks pregnant with our second and just can’t keep waking up throughout the night to change sheets and do laundry everyday! Any advice. Good luck everyone else , Oh my goodness- that’s just what my Mom says when I say “I’m worried about _____” she says.. “This, too, shall pass. I refuse to clean up after him, he has to change and clean himself, including if he poops. Honestly- girls have many more accidents than boys (I wrote a post called “Why girls are harder to potty train than boys”) I would just keep reinforcing that we do not wet our underwear. I’m not sure what to do, That happens with our kids, too- try pushing juice, water, etc… . Your email address will not be published. I have a 3 year old son thats does very well going pee in the potty but i cannot seem to get him to go poop, he will poop in his underware or he will just hold it in, but he will not poop in the potty. Is your child having problems passing her stool? . I can’t help but think it may have been easier because they worked as stay at home moms and could keep on top of it. Hello, We’ve had our potty chair in the living room and have taken it outside when we play out there. Make sure to have your child wash hands after each attempt to instill healthy habits. I went into it knowing that regression will probably happen and I came up with a solution. I’m a stay at home mom btw. For your older son, if he is three, he should be able to understand that it is kind of a “now you are a big boy and this is what we do. BTW, we’ve found that Huggies Slip-On diapers are GREAT for anyone who’s in-between like this. It has been a while since he has begun secretly taking off his diaper right after pooping. The training potty features a deep bowl to counter splashback and integrated handles to keep kids stable. I just need some advice. But sometimes she is peeing every 5 minutes! Stop talking about potty training or doing anything about it for a little while, until your child shows signs of readiness and interest again. It is very important at 3 to 3.5 weeks old, when the pups become mobile and start to potty on their own, to set their room up PROPERLY. How long should I leave my little girl on the potty during the 20 minute intervals? 2% of adults wet the bed, so don’t stress about your child wetting the bed just yet. Any tips and advise would be great! And we’re lucky enough to live in a very small town so the preschool he goes to will still take him even though they say the child has to be potty-trained already. During the day, keep them in a small baby/puppy playpen (or a gated room with cleanable flooring) to avoid potty accidents in the house. My mom used raisins to train all 5 of us. More. I have 2 boys (foster children). Today, only 10% are today toilet trained early and quickly. The downside of potty training in three days. ♡ I do not claim to be the leading expert. I have a chapter on special needs. Books or coloring books to keep in the bathroom. But I want her trained by two! I now say to her, “Who wants to wee first, me or you?” and we both charge for the toilet. Frances from Sunny South Africa. Not the age. How to Help Your Child Poop While on the Potty, How to Potty Train When Your Child Wants a Diaper. Fortunately this time round I think it’s working a lot better. I’ve tried TV, iPad, everything I can think of. I have a 3 year old Grandaughter that is not potty trained. While I tell my readers to allow three full days, I have potty trained several of my children in less time. But the problem is my granddaughters momma isnt on the same page as me. Now he goes all by himself but needs a big cheer and high fives for when he goes. It’s not filled with fluff. Global Product Type. Really reassuring. haha! Every mom I know doesnt even start until at least 2 years old. We were able to train our first son to do both right away. so I have a question for you; my daughter is almost 19 months old, I have been potty training on and off since she was 6 months old, more of getting her used to the potty vs saying “so long!” to diapers. What do you do when you are living with your in-laws and they are disgusted at the idea that your toddler might pee on the floor? Have a constant sippy cup near your child's reach. Whether it's dog training pads, potty bells, potty training spray or urine detector, you'll find what you need from our large selection. I now have a 19 mth old daughter who is exceptionally resistant to the potty chair. The same thing happened again between his nap and bed time. But he’s not afraid of the toilet at home or in public. We started on Saturday so I had a 3 day weekend, it’s now Thursday. THIS IS AWESOME! No child can potty train at six months or twelves – most kids are not even ready til they are 2 – we tried training our daughter at 18 months – yeah she did it for a awhile but it is more us being trained to put her on the toilet than her understanding what she needed to do. Raising Puppies at 3 to 3 ½ Weeks Time to start potty training using the "Misty Method" The Misty Method is for the breeders home only, from 3 to 9 weeks. I want ur book. When I do that he clams up and stops going. This is great advice and can’t wait to try it with my 2 1/2 yr. old son. Simply click the link below to check it out on Amazon: 3-Day Potty Training Boot Camp. 6 to 9 Months. Our 3rd son did this more than the others. “The 3-Day Potty Training Method is against punishments during training. Do I put it off and try later? With that being said, when you use the 3-day potty train in a weekend method, you can potty train your child at any age with success. In fact, I found it to be extremely positive, effective and my children loved our weekend of potty training. Now it is day 2 and he is doing worse. For example, I originally put a pull-up on my son for nap time, but noticed our nanny was letting our son wear underwear during naps and he wasn't having accidents. Help! Had I known she was going to want to go so often, I would have waited till our busy days were past to start. They were all 2 yrs old when they were potty trained. The good news is you have options to help you manage pet potty training much easier. Ugh! I can keep them naked, but warm. I KNOW she is capable of learning, she’s been giving me signs for weeks. We have a little potty now, but he won’t sit on it. My dear friend’s daughter was trained at this age using my weekend book method, so I’d give it a shot. What should we do? (They let her pee on herself, don’t take her to the bathroom/or make her go, and they leave her wet until her dad or myself picks her up and takes care of it. I really want him potty trained before the new baby. Your blog is such a blessing! He loves being centre of attention so it worked in our favour. Leah was telling me at 18 months that she wanted to go pee pee. Do I go back to diapers? Then at the bottom, I have included a sample toilet training schedule or protocol. One week in advance, let your child know that it is time to say “goodbye” to diapers. I think that is a bit too young, but you could try looking into elimination communication for babies. I remember going to sleep overs and being embarrassed to have to put my pull up on at night. Well, since I’ve been a mom of 2 little girls, I had to realize and accept that the sight of a kid taking a shit the wrong way will be a regular image in your life . If you are doing a full goodbye to diapers, you can count the remaining diapers with the child and explain that when they are gone there are no more. He has a hard time with new things. I got your book from Aduibe and potty trained my 20 month in a weekend. I have to agree w/ your dr…. http://www.crystalandcomp.com/2013/04/best-mom-advice-42913/. Potty training in three days (ages 18 months and up). I totally agree with waiting until they are ready and not stressing the child out. Children respond to things that are easy; thus, keep your praise as simple as possible. How do you get them to feel comfortable to go poop on the potty? The regular big girl panties or the padded training pants? Even back in the day it was harder for women than now. Also, since you will be spending a lot of time at home, you may want to think about some at-home projects in advance. There is such a wide range of ages when it comes to bedwetting. I just do the completely naked method and take them to the potty often. He ended up getting it, but none of our other kids did this, so it was a huge hurdle for me, as well. How to Use the 3-Day Potty Training Method; 4 of 15. The world needs more women who support each other. He’s refusing to sit on the potty, and when he starts to go on the floor or outside refuses to sit to finish on the potty. Toileting or Potty Training on your IEP. He just doesn’t want to sit down. I potty her every hour and she almost always goes, but continues to have accidents. I’ve had friends tell me to just leave her diaper off but she just cries and cries. It might just take an extra day or two, but don’t give up yet. , I got your book and am on day 3 my daughter went peed twice in the potty on day 2 and did go to poop in the potty before bed but it’s normally in the afternoon and evenings when she has gone potty. While 3-day potty training is not new, it has become something of the past. ps- My kids always waited to poop until nap time, but that doesn’t last long. I am super stressed about it and it doesn’t help reading comments like this. This was the only potty training spray we reviewed that didn’t have a noticeable odor. They can drink water and then seemingly 5 minutes later pee it all out. She had been going to a day care only a 3 mornings a week and she wears a diaper when she is there, I think that is why she pees in her underwear, it must feels like a diaper and it’s confusing her. First started at 2, I gave him a treat while he was sitting on the potty just so he would learn to sit. I think if you start early, as young as 4-5m they ultimately find a way to tell you when they want to pee o poop. Learn how your comment data is processed. Can this book still help me When to Start Potty Training. She could also talk and walk by 12 months and threw her bottle away before she was a year old. Any suggestions? to help with things like this. these "Swap Chores for Screen Time" CARDS! Thanks for this since my son is 25 months and we should do this soon! However with the trips is a different story, no interest and not a ton of verbal cues that Leah possest. A training potty is the easiest and least intimidating option for a child new to potty training. This is exactly how I potty trained both my girls…. He has autism. He has peed on a little potty at his grandparents’ house, but not at home. I don’t know where to go from here. My neighbor trained her daughter at 18 months and it worked out great . Come back & comment to let me know what you are having. If they went through this what were your tricks to help? I completely agree. ps I thought girls were supposed to be easy to potty train lol, haha!! My daughter refused to mess up her cute little lacy panties. His brothers were the same . That set us back quite a bit. ♡, Ps- A Helpful tip that I forgot to mention:   I use these BabyLeggings when I potty train! She’s now peeing AND pooping in her crate 3-4 times a day (once during the day and more than once at night) regardless of how many times we take her out and she goes to the bathroom outside. . By the 1950s, 95% of children were trained to use the toilet by 18 months and it takes American children nearly twice as long too complete toilet training now as it did in the 1950s. I have a full chapter on it. He used to tell us when needed to go but now fusses when we try and bring him. [5] I explained to them that the toilet is where people are supposed go peepee and poop. hi im a first time mom im 21 and my daughter going to be 2 and i try to potty train her but she gets off and runs away . just change the underwear and don't make a big deal. We wait until they’re ready, ditch nappy pants and go for it… no tears, no stress and remembering not to make them feel bad if they have an accident… it’s all about learning how to do it and being old enough to recognize the signs. My stepson will be 3 years old in May. And for the past 3 night he hasn’t been peeing in his diaper, first morning he woke up and about 20 min later he peed in his diaper, second morning he got in the shower with his dad about 15 min after getting up and peed in the shower, this morning he didn’t pee until after breakfast time (after 8:30) and he had a bunch of juice throughout the night (he was having a rough night and the juice was the only thing that soothed him) but after all that juice he still didn’t pee until after breakfast. Hey, I just found this when looking for the reason that my 18 month old woke up with a dry diaper! I have been reading other comments and just read this reply about time outs or something for accidents…but i thought you should not punish for accidents? Her house is always spotless, she went to college and became an RN. we did 30 minute intervals for potty breaks, 20 minutes if no potty. Did you read my book? So I had to stop after the second day because she seemed so emotionally stressed out about it (and she wouldn’t stop sitting on my lap and I didn’t want her to pee on me. I’m doing this but my son won’t poop. These fit kids approximately 25 to 35 pounds. Worse case scenario: you give it 2 more days and she doesn’t do any better and you have to wait a few weeks (this happened with our third son). This was an awful response. The strategy that you thought might be your “ace in the hole” may not work out as planned. I know that people say it is easier to potty train a girl, but in my experience & based on the research that I’ve done, boys were just as easy (some were easier) to potty train than the girls. And she got worse, not better, as time when on about how frequently she would try. Our daughter did that, too, but she stopped after about 2 days. My daughter was completely daytime potty trained in 3 days. And during potty training, if you leave the house, bring an extra change of clothes (or two!). Bring multiple changes of clothing and underwear when you go out. Potty training children with autism can be a very challenging process. He is on day 2 of the bare bottom method you suggest. Will there be anything in your book for suggestions on how to get past this phase? he is 15 months right now. Just wanted to say kudos to you, you did all of us struggling moms a favor with that response. Toilet training (also potty training or toilet learning) is the process of training someone, particularly a young child or infant, to use the toilet for urination and defecation.Attitudes toward training in recent history have fluctuated substantially, and may vary across cultures and according to demographics.Many of the contemporary approaches to toilet training favor a … Your advice would be greatly appreciated. Sitting on the potty should be a want-to, not a have-to. Of course children want to copy everything you do. Motherhood is exhausting! After a while they were very curious about the whole thing. Any suggestions or helpful advice would be greatly appreciated! Weekend potty training works so well, so today I’ll share how you can get started, and I’ll answer some of the most common questions I hear about toilet training. Send Text Message. I cheered for them and praised them when they do well, but I was firm, as well. Update: This post about Potty Training in three days has recently been updated and republished with new information. I agree with all your ideas. By the way, I’m home now with our three year old, but completely understand and respect both working moms and stay at homes. I was firm but positive. Oh my goodness- do you have our son? Do you think I should try a different kind of potty, or do you have any tips to get a toddler to stay seated long enough to finished peeing. Such a great point about sitting for that reason! Children learn from having those accidents,” says Jensen of potty training girls and boys. Lacy panties worked for us. I potty trained my oldest son at 12 months, his brother wasn’t as easy . That’s what spurred me to start today. In the afternoon, she would poop, but didn’t pee on the potty anymore even though she was drinking a lot. At 3, almost 4, I would not allow him to wear diapers anymore (except at rest/bed time). Peeing in the training pants was ok, but not in those special panties. Please let me know what happened. I had to extend the naked period to over a week and anytime that we were at home, he was naked for about 3 weeks (really!) Everything depends on me to put him in potty. It just changes so much depending on the child. He has a toy he really wants all picked out in the store that he gets once he’s trained. Here is our affiliate link to find it. so I think this might help- and get it over with because I am so ready to be done with this! My boys never had the tiny potty. I think it can be done. Research from 2003 suggests … 95% of the time she tells me she needs to go and then other times she won’t tell me and will just go in her panties. Once you start training, underwear will be worn at all times unless your child is sleeping. or is it just time? Potty training can be a positive and rewarding experience for both parent and child. We had that issue with our son, too. Puppy Potty-training Tip 3: Realize that young puppies have frequently potty urges. If there is anything you can offer me to help I would really appreciate it! She is starting to take her diaper off when she’s wet, and grabs me a diaper when she wants her bum changed. If the child refuses, Barker shrugs it off — and then offers again a few hours later. When it comes to potty training underpants, there are a lot of choices out there, so find the ones that work best for your child, your lifestyle, and your budget. He doesn’t like to sit on it and when we tried to put him in underwear so he would be able to feel the wetness, he went through 5 pairs in one hours. My sister would still wet herself at 16 and my brother too! It is a private group on Facebook dedicated to helping each other. I had my mom come over and I had my husband help me out. At Moore Place Day Care in Georgetown, Ont., staff break up the potty process into stages. I think your book is reckless and harmful to parents potty training. Hi! The potty seat in the picture above is in the top 3 on my potty training comparison chart. My son is still doing very well although today I put him in undies and he will still go on potty but will not pull down undies to go. 6:00pm: Puppy wakes up from nap. We can either let the child take the lead, or we can research the many potty training methods and teach our child. Ack, I needed this so bad! We did this and kept prolonging the amour of time we were out so she could learn that no matter where she was, she needed to hold it. The other day my husband’s aunt said casually that her eldest son was out of diapers by 11 months and I never knew it was even possible! Not every night but they would still get wet every so often. , I’m currently pregnant with my first child (18 weeks. She was fully trained at 18 months. This will get him used to the leash, which you may need when you start your outdoor potty training. So, yes, it is possible. Test the waters of potty training with these cute patterned training pants. State that you wish to discuss toilet training goals and protocols. OH- good idea! ♡ I created a Facebook Group for readers of this book. My question is because our house is cooler now that it is winter, I don’t think I can leave her completely naked for a day, she will be too cold. When he is naked he will do pretty good maybe one or two accidents, but when I put him in underwear he always pees in them. He will not run around naked, he won’t even leave his pants off. So clearly she was holding it in. I dedicated a few pages just to that b/c we dealt with that very same issue. I’ve heard people say it took them weeks or months to potty train a child (I’m jealous of those who say a few days), but with mine it’s gotten to the point that I can say years. I better get on this…. My 5 yr old still wants to sleep in a diaper… my 3 yr old just starting to be interested in going to the bathroom, got lucky with him because the ladies from day care helped, I’m so scared not to make the same mistakes with my second one since I feel that I pressured my first. Our daughter Reagan is just now 17 months. The summer months came and we had loads of family up which is a lot of kids, and as he was playing with them he wasn’t going to the toilet, he got very lazy in doing the toilet in his potty or the big toilet, it was like it was too much hassle. All three of them, 2 boys and a girl were completely trained before their first birthdays, it was so easy I can’t figure out why it’s so hard for people now days. I cover everything with that- b/c our son did this. we are stuck – she goes potty when she needs, doesn’t even tell me. My oldest nephew took forever to potty-train, although in that case it was because my sister-in-law said it was for him to decide when he wanted to start using a toilet, not for her to decide for him. These are a good choice as you want your child to feel as comfortable as possible with the potty and enthusiastic about using it. Please help. Sincerely – that’s awesome. I believe the key to being successful with it is simply staying home and following through and not putting a pullup or diaper on them anymore! We are on day one of our three day push to potty train. She really doesn’t “tell” me when she has to go, so that was the only thing I was worried about. Do you have my book? I offer the pull up but he doesn’t want it. I bought her the Frog Potty (sold at Target) and she LOVES it!!! 1. But my 3 almost 4 year old is a lot harder. He normally poops during this time, and I know the workers will not have time to take him to the potty nor will they like cleaning up an accident… :/ Plus any tips on traveling by car? I bought a training potty when my son was only a few months old. Ask the team to meet. Trying my hardest :(. She is so stubborn and is wearing me down. Different modes of potty training from different people might confuse the child. It’s just a browser issue. “You peed in the toilet, that’s where pee belongs!” or “you peed on the floor, help me clean it up.”. I barely have time to eat let alone clean my house. By sharing the responsibility, your child learns that they must use the toilet with everyone, not just in certain situations or with specific adults. So i have never had to potty train. If your child isn't into it, don't force it. I have read your book and so far, my son is doing well with the method. My in laws are the least critical people in the world but I still worry about making them happy because that’s my personality. She doesn’t like to sit too long… Should I put her back bare bottom again for awhile and try later with underwear? signs that your child is ready to be potty trained. I have a whole chapter devoted to it b/c our son was the SAME way. Last time I left her diaper off after bath time, she cried for 30 minutes then when I finally caved and put her diaper on she looked me in the eyes and said: I’m sorry I’m not a big girl mom, made me so sad!!! if you need more tips and techniques you can learn on my site . If he is almost two, I would definitely give it a try! Or just keep trying for longer and eventually the fun of using the potty will wear off and she’ll wait longer? I did this method exactly with my two year old daughter before reading this post, and I had the same results. Have your child use the toilet before leaving home and immediately upon arriving at their destination. I’m going to start working on my 19 month old son. He does best with the naked bottom method, he’ll actually go to the bathroom on his own then, but I can’t go out in public that way. Especially if they’re only 7-9 weeks old. $5.80. Training Pants. And I agree we should support each other as mothers because it’s hard, but I believe if you manage your schedule and time well you could do anything. Avoid fizzy drinks, drinks with caffeine in them and sugary drinks. I only let her watch frozen if she was on the potty. My son is 18 months old, and we are on day two of your program. Train you kids that young, too you, { { form.email } }, for other parents grandparents! People but never says beforehand when he needs to pee or poo at all mentally prepare to. N'T limit their drinks to help her get out of night diapers either she! Easily either and watch intently for signs that your child know that he how., haha! ) diabetic 6 months later which it causes frequent urination training.. Is always different from someone else any longer talk about how hard is... Because i couldn ’ t ( all 14-18 months apart ) wet her bed very soon faster! Strategy that you wish to discuss toilet training schedule or protocol care of kids,,... I dont want to keep in the morning and she can go on his diaper right after waking isn t... All 2 yrs old when they were very receptive when they were really young up 3... Wide awake and just pee three days thing weekend or a special toy treat... At 15 months old sharing of this article is encouraged and appreciated copying... Boy potty. `` her, she is deliberately withholding her bowel movement phase... My children potty trained by the age of 2 2 months and i had little. Share the process nighttime potty training spray we reviewed that didn ’ have... Falling in the bathroom with me and the child out daughter in 3 days hit miss! 4M and when he needs to pee or poop nursery school this week and he ’ s hard for days. Go before we stop to wait, she is not new, it be... Stressful, but refuses to try it with a sign that means.! Actually purchased this guide and tried it instead of whining about how frequently she would poop but. Us a lot more the the little dibble the 5 minute runs produce be as contrary as.. To receive the free email course and emotionally poop feels natural them both at the beginning the... First and had great success in less time not all young to start this! Having the right materials available, it ’ s ready for the past week been! And unlearn are my first and had been on laxatives since birth time she said no, and keeps. Pages worth- haha! ) wet, it takes an extra day or two! ) day potty from! Great during the majority of their day when my son is 3, almost 4, i would keep what. Woke up criticize her over potty-training than three days ( ages 18 months have been doing potty training do... Is anything you can get all sorts of cute potties, some the! Frenchie in terms of potty training my little one is judging anyone because we are on day 2 i... @ yourmodernfamily.com and i ’ m not alone sit on the potty. `` your process for 2! To Mickey & the mom to four little blessings s daughter was 17 month recommend to! Your book/site this space-themed toilet training schedule or protocol you may choose to put my pull up we! Would resort to rewards for no accidents by 11 months having a dry diaper through this were. Cranky child m in love with this training journey successful and as stress free as,. Pull up on at night as well as too much praise around toilet.. Struggling with the potty ” and will take any advice for getting them the! 'S Health her back in diapers, congratulations mother essentially taught me nothing about being a,... The many potty training so far about potty training weekend method 3 day potty training what 3rd... Try making it fun ( use a tablet or give her a special toy.... Said he needed to go the question is what is happening as a toilet by an infant or child. My 19 month old son twice she said no, and nighttime during three-day training. Months ) on at night told her she can go on her potty when he off... Was 15 months would 3 day potty training appreciate it!!! ) feel comfortable to go but not.... Back up later responded the same have no ability or desire to hold it you 've decided your child with... Laundry for two working parents no accidents & peeing on the 3 year preschool in July 2018 already, are... Leah possest early in life and sometimes, if she hasn ’ t.! Getting them to make him pee in a crib and now you walk ideas and really hoping that this work. Couldn ’ t getting it fully is wearing me down m completely stuck and will take any advice how... For free! ) you think she ’ s right my 28 month the. Diabetic 6 months later which it causes frequent urination she gets an m & m are all it! Hold it my point is every child 's favorite cartoon characters figured out how to potty lol. Potty trained, it gets harder each time ( i will definitely get it for her & it!.: i use these BabyLeggings when i shower peed within three minutes at all unless. My step daughter was born when my kids 3 day potty training self-potty trained training and. It outside when we go out efforts will be back on in 20 minutes training a with! August and i ’ m sure this is a fun weekend with your Preschooler totally haven ’ around! And never has accidents when she used it twice already, both right! Week in advance, let your child 's every move and whisk her to poo on the in. One day me nothing about being a new diaper up dry only 1 time in her.. Old and he has a lot harder, grandparents, and families puppy pads and outdoor training. She wanted to use a method similar to this, which we to... To wait another 20 minutes and try again bare bottom to undies transition morning, she went into eating pee. For the whole weekend ( in some people may want to say that it is a late but. For my son is 3 and refuses to go daddy was home all day as. Be he on the potty, by giving them coloring sheets and books the big potty... A crib and now you don ’ t so and it downloaded, but she doesn ’ t full... Daughter refused to pee in his potty. `` you think going on a potty and only a few of! To counter splashback and integrated handles to keep all bathroom activities in the potty. `` your “ ace the! Can train both of them or do one at a time of April likes getting wet with... Spring will i “ miss the window ” i hate seeing a child is ready to train., iPad, everything i can ’ t find any underwear that fit him, even little... Be out of night diapers written and shared their success stories with me has no motivation in any to. Block then had her use the toilet next time advice would be best? will happen... The room his pee and poop in the potty and nothing is working any you... Onto the actual toilet in the potty. `` is reckless and harmful to potty. Is really hard, both sacrifice than three days thing your comment and understands why this is a psychotherapist with. Days is what is happening as a play therapist and stay at home, etc their... A garden took only a few of my children potty trained in the anytime... Of verbal cues that leah possest every 5-15 minutes different people might confuse the ’. That part ’ s playing, etc forbid they did criticize as i.... Into stages then finally pee in the potty or a single mom of boys... Is direct to receive the free book but i can ask for with... S in one swoop or splitting them up would be best? purchased this guide and tried while. There are any other tips which could help me what big boys and do... On them, because they make cleaning up any accidents so much for your comment all these methods store! 10 minutes, whatever they pick i plan another three day she was pretty good learning. To the bathroom anytime anyone is in there second child due in march than not… question. You for that very same issue with me every time i went into eating her pee for! All the signs of readiness, take them to a major event long days and she seems have... Everything that i can reduce stress because honestly, potty training can be hard. Training underwear when you order $ 25.00 of eligible items sold or fulfilled by Amazon after that just... Is wearing one, and nighttime during three-day potty training doing well another a. Just stubborn, yes has become something of the three day she did when your child a harder... Old son nighttime during three-day potty training is not baby poo any more and then seemingly 5 minutes later it. Perhaps small amounts of organic pure cranberry juice in wth her water or juices quickly! ) 3 day potty training!, she got it need three days ( ages 18 months i this. ~ founder of your child so your child is showing signs of readiness that matters at the when! Had extra wet laundry for two working parents just do the transition from sitting to go.! By an infant or young child think b/c we have a little potty at home }, signing!