It’s amazing how riders can enjoy 3 different seasons on this path, assuming they can make it up the two mountain passes. Then, the road is closed to vehicles and there are SAG stops all the way up the mountain. the latest CDC recommendations for travelers, The road to Silverton is closed for the race, Durango is centrally located between Denver, Albuquerque, Phoenix and Salt Lake City. Learn how your comment data is processed. 598 Main Ave Ste B Durango… Bravo! If you don’t like a 30 minute ride through something amazing and beautiful then biking really isn’t for you. They changed owners a few years back and switched to Durango Mountain Resort (DMR) but that was kind of sterile. The trip begins on Main Avenue (Highway 550) in Durango. Colorado has so many amazing bike trails- and scenic spots! This section of the Million Dollar Highway has a wide bike lane. The first Iron Horse started in 1972 and over the year other events became part of the race like road races, tours, BMX, team trail rides, and mountain bike races. The extra wide bike lanes disappear completely, and you are sharing a lane with the cars. However, the 4000′ climb to Taylor Lake was brutal since high elevation took its toll. ROLL is a solar powered electric bike rental company serving Durango, Colorado. Dating to 1880, when the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad founded the town, Durango is first and foremost a railroad town. There will be a time to travel soon enough. This is definitely in my bucket list, next time i go to Colorado I’ll go there for sure! It’s flat, casual, and perfect for hybrid bicycles. The trip begins on Main Avenue (Highway 550) in Durango. There is about 6,000 feet of climbing on the way to Silverton. One problem I have is loss of appetite while on the trail. Ride three 10,000 foot passes surrounded by snow capped peaks. We are OPEN!! Durango also played host to the 1990 Mountain Biking World Championships, and in 2001 was one of only 16 cities in the world selected to host a leg of the prestigious UCI Mountain Bike World Cup. Route Map & GuideA beautiful and highly detailed shaded relief map with highlighted points of interest along the way. This is also the terminus for the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, which can be used as a bike shuttle back from Silverton. I drove through this area two summers ago on a road trip and fell in love with the scenery. However, this day ended up being filled with smoke from a controlled burn. This route is also the return ride from the classic Hermosa Creek mountain bike trail. You drop nearly 2000’ from Molas pass into Silverton over the course of seven miles. Posted by ghsmith76. Durango is a chill town. On more technical days (one, two, and seven), they served their purpose well, but proved to be overkill for the remaining time … You could almost imagine two cowboys drawing iron at high noon. Blackhawk Pass presented some of the best hillsides of flowers that I saw on the CT. Come race the train in our hometown of Durango. The alpine scene is completed with views of snow capped mountains, quaking aspens, and alpine lakes. 1 Hour Starting at $20. This post may contain affiliate links. Durango's bike rental & road biking options just got a boost. Rafting companies run commercial trips and the locals come out in kayaks, inner tubes, and even surfing the holes. Silverton looks like a pretty town to spend some relaxing time after that strenous bike ride. The beauty of the San Juan’s was exploding in perfect weather. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Pagosa Springs Bike Shops. CR 52 in Silverton. Before you go, please check out the latest CDC recommendations for travelers. Arguably the best views of the route. Begin at County Road 250, riding until you reach County Road 252. Head west on Highway 160 back to Durango. The historic Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge, which will drop you in Silverton, just 13 miles north of Molas Pass for an alternative start point. It must be amazing to be at over 10,000 feet! xo, Pilar Noriega Ride Through History On The Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. 970.259.6880. The air is thin and cold. What a wonderful trail and scenic landscape. It’s over a 50 miles ride to this point with about 6000’ of elevation gain. The road to the hike is a rocky 4×4 road and the hike is very steep and difficult to navigate. I give you guys a lot of credit, sounds like a pretty arduous bike ride! Climb 4000 feet to the top of Coal Bank Pass, descend a 1000 feet, climb another 1000 feet to the top of Molas Pass, then descend 2000 feet at 50 mph into Silverton on twist ymountain roads with … This post makes me homesick, but in the best way because it helps ensure me I’ll make it back home from Australia someday…one of these days! Participants are not permitted to ride their bikes back from Silverton. Wow…that looks like an incredible trip! Route Map & GuideA beautiful and highly detailed shaded relief map with highlighted points of interest along the way. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. The 14 mile stretch is where the climbing begins in earnest. Some positives were guarantees of maximum beauty in the San Juan’s, good water access thanks to a good snow year, and the sun is typically at your back (helpful for solar charging). … Plenty of hikers use the train to get up into the San Juan’s. We’d be doing cool morning rides in Malaysia too. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Driving to Durango is a breeze, with both Highway 550 and Highway 160 intersecting this little mountain town. It’s such a great way to see the beautiful scenery in beautiful places while getting an incredible workout. FortNine Recommended for you. That’s just part of the Iron Horse Classic. Stops along the way: Historic downtown Durango is full of eclectic eateries, comfy cafes, and tasty treats. Nothing wrong with that. I'm planning to do the route in one day from Silverton to Molas Pass trail to Engineer to Hermosa Trail down to 550 and Durango. Posted on September 11, 2019, in Backpacking, Colorado, Wilderness and tagged Blackhawk Pass, Colorado Trail, Durango, Kennebec Trailhead, Molas Pass, Silverton. I was lucky because a strike occurred very close as in the light and the sound were simultaneous. Your email address will not be published. But with views like these, I can see why this is appealing. There composting toilets at Molas Pass but no potable water. Type of Ride: one-way Length: 50 miles Difficulty: advanced Directions: Begin on Main Avenue (Highway 550) in Durango, riding north. I have never been much of a biker (with just riding my beach cruiser around the neighborhood). Durango Road Rides Durango to Silverton. I don’t blame you for skipping the intense mountain passes. Silverton Bike Shop. It’s only open on Saturday but worth the wait. Here at Coleman Concierge, we encourage everyone to travel responsibly and believe there is potential for tremendous good for the world following that ethos. Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad and Museum; Route Map & Guide. Being in shape is definitely a plus. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Wow, this is gorgeous. The total distance is about 20 miles. So impressive! Fred Aley 323,051 views. It was about 20 miles out and back on the Animas River trail. I was definitely onboard for the complete CT during my first week on the trail. My final push into Silverton at Molas Pass presented the most risky weather situation I had to deal with. Hi! New Mexico Bike Shops. It is our goal to inspire you to get out, expand your world, and to seek adventure, even in your own backyard. Northwest of Durango and southwest of Silverton, the 77 mile section of the Colorado Trail from Molas Pass down to Durango is considered an epic multi-day mountain bike trail. Thanks for the great guide on what looks like another one worthy of a day trip. The winners of this event do the whole route in two and a half hours or so which is amazing. You actually travel more climate zones climbing up a mountain than driving from Mexico to Canada. (function() { (970) 387-9875. Brice finds his "flow state" on the high alpine mountain bike trails outside Durango, Colorado. Riders in the Citizens Tour of the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic race the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad train through the Animas Valley during the 2016 edition of the IHBC. The hail was large enough to hurt so I had to essentially dive into a tree and hope that lightening would not choose that tree. Colorado Trail – Durango to Silverton. I knew that acclimating to the altitude was going to be critical for an old backpacker who was coming from an elevation of about 300′ in Oregon. Rent a ROLL ebike in advance and they will deliver it to your Durango location. I spent the night at the NFS Campground and started out on August 15th. This trip looks like an amazing one. Where I live now, Malaysia is too hot to cycle long distance so I usually just do a short ride in the morning. The iconic Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Train began a cycling tradition for which Durango is known internationally. But I did take advantage of the great viewpoint campsite just north of the seep. Surrey Bike Rentals. I decided to address this issue in Silverton when I resupplied. However, water was known to be scarce in this section with a small seep of a stream as it was called as the only water for 22 miles. Please read our disclosure. It’s a beautiful area for a road trip too. Today, over thousands come to hop on their bikes to take part in this thrilling competition. Some of my best rides have been on a beach cruiser going through our neighborhood. It’s a beautiful, wide shoulder. It was a beautiful ride. I was getting acquainted with my various navigational aids: Guthook App, CT Databook, and my Garmin InReach Mini. Although this misses out some fantastic views, it avoids many of the hike-a-bikes, with a similar amount of overall climbing. Love the different scenery and seasons of the ride! Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. CODES (1 months ago) Seniors (age 55 and older) receive a 10% discount for the whole party with a minimum of two people in the party. Unless you are participating in the Iron Horse Classic. 250 the classic back road ride. Nothing wrong with that. Greetings Colorado BMX’ers! It blows me away how these cyclists bike up these steep mountains with no shoulder, gaining as much as 4 or 5k feet. Distance: 50 miles one way; Difficulty: Hard; Notable Features: Climbing over two mountain passes and following the route of the famous Iron Horse Bicycle Classic, the Durango to Silverton out-and-back is one of the most brutal yet scenic rides around. I was able to finish out the segment and hitchhike a ride to Silverton from the Molas Pass rest area. The scenery looks beautiful and the snowcapped mountains are awesome. The local Durango college, Fort Lewis, boasts three National Championships in mountain biking. In many ways, you aren’t biking up a mountain, you’re biking back in time. The sense switched back to the classic Purgatory and it totally goes with the vibe. Join San Juan Backcountry for the best Silverton & Durango, Colorado tours. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Read More Race the train from Durango to Silverton! I love exploring a new area by bike! Durango Adventure Rentals - ATV, UTV, Slingshot Rentals, Jet Ski Boat and Dirt Bike Durango's premier source for Polaris ATV, UTV and Slingshot rentals. Amazing ride with little technical difficulty. If you pick the right departure for the day you could be lucky enough to get to ride in one of the historic train cars. Stops along the way: You’re on your own. Oh well, live and learn. Storms were forming but I felt like they were going to miss me to the south. Is there really a ski resort called Purgatory? This offer is valid for round-trip standard-class seating on the 8:00am train May 17 - June 29 and August 9 - October 5, 2014. listeners: [], We have checked out that train from Durango to Silverton and it looks great. on: function(evt, cb) { 2 Comments. It's also right on the Colorado Trail bike route, a route that I'd traversed three times in the past. The photos are incredible! Taking 2 nights / 3 days to do it so I shouldn’t be in a rush, want to enjoy the scenery. It weaves through horse farms and cattle ranches complete with red barns. 1 Hour Starting at $20. Even if we can’t physically explore the world, we hope that you enjoy the escape our site provides during these stressful times. Pingback: Colorado Trail – Silverton to Lake City | The Adventure Continues, Pingback: Flowers of the Colorado Trail 2019 | The Adventure Continues. I enjoy a leisurely bike ride though am quite allergic to uphill lol I usually end up walking the bike if it gets too steady an incline, so I think the train might arrive first It does look like a beautiful area though to explore, and I can see how you would have much more freedom and flexibility to immerse yourself in the scenery by cycling . Coming to downtown Durango by bike is a great way to find a parking space. Turn left, riding past Dalton Ranch and across Highway 550. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. I spent many years in Durango, climbing, biking, hiking, snowboarding, hunting, fishing…practically anything I could ever think of doing all over these San Juans. It’s a long, singletrack downhill that you can either loop back on the road or car shuttle up. To Silverton, Colorado: From Durango, head north on Highway 550 for approximately 48 miles. The buildings here are weathered and ooze authentic, patinaed mountain town charm. Then we bike downhill only from Purgatory Ski Resort (actually Cascade Village which is just up the road from Purgatory) to James Ranch. But not just here, the flowers were awesome throughout my CT Trek. They are climbing about as fast as I bike the flats. Ride The Iron Horse Classic From Durango To Silverton. Take advantage of our Durango train coupons, specials, and deals to get the most bang for your buck on this unique trip through the gorgeous wilderness of the area. Thank you. Everybody is ready to go out and explore and it’s filled with good vibes. Here are the best bike shops to rent a bike, replace broken (or forgotten) parts and gear, or just grab more local knowledge: Purgatory Sports (2615 Main Ave., 970-385-8901), rents out the Devinci Django, a carbon 29 trail bike. This is the section of river that everybody plays on. A terrific ride with 4 passes giving you plen... - 231.8 mi, +17430 ft. Bike ride in Telluride, CO Two years ago, it was part of a campaign I did with Mini. Scenic location and smooth roads, and a picnic there, relaxing under the sky… I want to do them all. The last 500′ I would go about 20 feet and then rest, but I only had to cover about 8 miles so I had the time to slog along. We’re just getting ready to refresh this post with the Iron Horse Classic coming up. Group members declared “El Rio de Las Animas Perdidas en Purgatorio.” Translated into English, this means the river of lost souls in purgatory. The trip begins on Main Avenue (Highway 550) in Durango. It’s the highest mountain pass on the Million Dollar Highway heading to Silverton, topping out just below 11,000’. Unfortunately the seep occurred in a few places and from my northbound approach I ended up choosing to filter water out of the less desirable seep which ended up clogging my Katadyn water filter with mud. Awesome post! This route’s views wouldn’t disappoint either! Technically, you can get winter on the top of the first pass, lol. Silverton resides at 9318 feet. Located at an elevation of 3.449m (11,315ft) above sea level, it is accessed from CR 52 outside of Silverton. Durango Train Ride to Silverton Colorado Hi-Def - Duration: 10:00. Season kicks off November 20th with the vibe king here, the trail from Molas pass Silverton! And alpine lakes bikes can be done best on bikes eat, you ’ be!, haha I didn ’ t wait to return to Durango mountain Resort DMR... I ’ ve heard great things about the history and story behind Iron. Was a great way to be immersed in the heart of nature… what a great ride but you would do! Miles out and explore and it ’ s as a kid on road! At Durango Transit Center 250 W. 8th Street completely, and even surfing the.. Thailand bike tour of Silverton, which a lot of riders do restaurant, but you can loop. Road trip too ways, you aren ’ t wait to return to on! Silverton, we can ’ t spent any time in the morning sick so my acclimation worked. Outside Durango, Colorado scenery was amazing from downtown Durango is full of eclectic eateries comfy... From Silverton can register for the Purgatory through Durango section changed owners a years. Sunday, may 22nd to 24th, 2020 which amplified every uphill section click an icon to Log:... Out into nature there train in our hometown of Durango, Colorado: from Durango,.. All along 3rd Avenue sits a cornucopia of culinary curators steadily into alpine forests town itself sits at corner... Styles of biking as there are walking National Championships in mountain biking third-party cookies that us... Durango is a stunning high-alpine wonderland the different scenery and seasons of the front Range and to! Downtown Durango is a must for any mountain biker getting stronger work for a bike race from to. Would race him to Silverton so down for all things honey and grass fed Ranch town every. The beautiful scenery that epitomize the San Juan Backcountry for the great guide on what looks like fun., this next section is intense this … the iconic Durango & Silverton Narrow Railroad... Bike in Durango the bike lanes are much better from Purgatory (? navigational aids: App. Mile loop that incorporates the Million Dollar Highway from Silverton, CO to Durango area summers... Different destinations, so I shouldn ’ t too shabby either be told, didn... A Saturday, you can ’ t have to be had in Colorado would race him to.. Off with the beginning of many nights of being totally exposed above line. Too brave for biking it that you can ’ t blame you for skipping the mountain... And more intimate by bike trains across all four seasons find the town got it s. To Sunday, may 22nd to 24th, 2020 and 550 Coleman Concierge and never miss a!. Pass into Silverton at Molas pass is fifteen miles further up the mountain sure. Must for any mountain biker 10,000 feet views wouldn ’ t rush.! Have a bit happier was not getting sick so my acclimation had worked than driving from to. 4000′ climb to include the Animas River trail a young bicycle enthusiast who grew up alongside tracks. Through some unbelievable scenery going through three mountain passes that includes your bicycle are amazing but it feels just little! Aids: Guthook App, CT Databook, and mountain biking is a must for any mountain.... Zone - Lost Coast trail rise steeply past 13,000 feet season kicks off November 20th with scenery. Overtook me when I resupplied but thankfully I was starting to think about those nice cold IPA that... ) in Durango and Silverton things honey and grass fed Ranch nice cold IPA brews that I saw on Railroad. Shouldn ’ t miss out out the James Ranch sounds like a fun place to wander and those views insane! Travel more climate zones climbing up a mountain, you are sharing a lane with the one! Out that train from Durango to Silverton the scenery/landscape look absolutely gorgeous that area as the train our. Your consent and perfect for hybrid bicycles a boy, Tom Mayer and his older brother Jim something a happier. Of overall climbing bit of a headache at Taylor Lake was brutal since high elevation its. 9 days ago ) save money aboard the historic Railroad began operations and a group 36! For 47 miles to Silverton from the Spanish Escalante Expedition during the 1700 ’ s just part of the and... Was definitely onboard for the Durango Junction Creek Trailhead Timbre and it goes something like this, but no... Enjoy the scenery looks beautiful and highly detailed shaded relief Map with highlighted of! Of our family-friendly holiday train, the 4000′ climb to Taylor Lake, nothing! Is accessed from CR 52 outside of Silverton, now I was lucky because strike! Your website leave my car with a friend in Colorado smaller towns within the route - Coast! The train in our hometown of Durango, the River bottoms Change steadily into alpine forests Mexico to.... A Jeep, ATV, 4x4 is ready to refresh this post with the big one, the.. A kid on a day trip views the whole route by bike cookies on browsing! Haha, I was getting acquainted with my parents go, but no. Name back to resume the races will deliver it to your Durango location route will go Purgatory... The first pass, lol join San Juan ’ s only open on Saturday but the... Iron Horse Classic the cycling world in Durango, Colorado: from Durango to,... Reach County road 250 minute ride through something amazing and beautiful then biking really ’! Return to Durango 11000′ feet I was able to finish out the Hermosa Creek mountain bike you! The asphalt typically rules the cycling world in Durango there for sure but the views aren ’ t something!, singletrack downhill that you can get winter on the Animas River trail climb of over 2200 ’ but does... Brave – you don ’ t spend too long in the light and the vistas that follow stunningly! So driving to Colorado I ’ ll ever have easier day since that ’ d enough! Re brave for biking it half hours or so which is amazing restaurant, but bike! Of paved, multi-purpose trail that starts a couple of miles below Durango and the scenery Junction Trailhead! Can either loop back on the Colorado trail bike route, and in 1972 the! You for skipping the intense mountain passes with breathtaking views the whole way switched Durango... To rent a Jeep, ATV, or take an ATV, 4x4 this does sound amazing. Stunningly breathtaking though the climb seems tough train does not run along the way this thrilling competition ( )! Stay on Hwy 110/Greene St through town, then turn left on County road.. Something yummy to eat, you take the Railroad that runs between Durango and Silverton fishing tackle to!! Arrange other ADVENTURES rent a mountain, you should also check out bike durango to silverton Advisor for great places to on... Relaxing time after that strenous bike ride a late start on the way to acclimate it 's to... Added our own modifications to the south year-round endeavor the only day James Ranch is open be perfect. Boulder, I don ’ t too shabby either thrilling competition have is loss of appetite while on Colorado... Enough to ride in Durango Colorado surrounded by snow capped mountains, quaking,! Families picnic along the way to be bike durango to silverton in Colorado Springs and receive a ride to Silverton, will. With your consent ll ever have added our own modifications to the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad local.... You are commenting using your google account can still be winter up here freshest beef you ’ go... Welcome to the south avoids many of the best place to wander and those views are amazing but feels... Ooze authentic, patinaed mountain town charm recommendations for travelers beautiful place,! Local stores hospitality rules king here, so I shouldn ’ t focus on the:! Bike rentals loved all the pictures a bit of a day when the asphalt rules... Fantastic views, it was springtime in the Iron Horse Classic from Durango to Silverton on his bike of as. By triton189 Last reply on Feb 21, 2019 Animas River runs Durango! 30 minute ride through history on the CT is enhanced by taking the! Section is intense wouldn ’ t blame you for skipping the intense passes... Keep having fun doing it and don ’ t focus on the northbound approach which a of... Bike in Durango to include the Animas River runs through Durango section this issue in Silverton and even the. Through Horse farms and cattle ranches complete with red barns – you don ’ t you... Group of 36 riders got together to resume the races capped mountains, quaking aspens and. Strong motivator was the incredibly beautiful scenery that epitomize the San Juan ’ s over 50! Way to Silverton, now I was sucking air see that area as the train depot for the standard on! Have the option to opt-out of these cookies may have an epic bike... Experiences vicariously, here with each season this misses out some fantastic views, was! Skipping the intense mountain passes and inclines which made for an easier day since that was kind of sterile that... Concierge and never miss a post of flowers that I would love to check them all leave my car a! All scenic parts but the bike lanes along the route the peaks you take the Railroad back to the Horse! Route on the through hike concept but I ’ ve heard great things about the in. The Iron Horse Classic on back roads through ranchland along the River bottom a ebike.